What is nanotechnology?
Nano nano is used as a unit of measurement within a metric system and it means something to the billionaire. The word "nano" is a word taken from the Greek and the Latin, and the meaning is the dwarf.

Nano science and nanotechnology have no definite description, but they can be defined in terms of understanding, controlling and changing the atomic level to functionalize the materials at a scale of 1 to 100 nanometers.

nanotechnology uses a measurement unit called nanometer (short form nm) as a measure. Each measure is 1 billion nm. Each nm is only three to five atoms wide, which is about 40,000 times smaller than the average human hair thickness.

Where is nanotechnology used?
1- Material and Manufacturing Sector

2- Nano Electronics and Computer Technologies

3- Medical and Health Sector

4- Aerospace Research

5- Environment and Energy

6- Biotechnology and Agriculture

What are the goals of nanotechnology today?
1- To produce new, ideal, pre-planned substances by changing molecules and atoms.

2. To ensure that the molecules self-replicate in a planned manner.

3- To be able to access a faster progression than Moore's law predicts.

4- To increase the functionality of living and non-living together.

What are the benefits of nanotechnology?
Thanks to nanotechnology, products that consume less energy and consume less energy can be produced with less cost.

What does nano technology in dictionary mean?
Investigation of the substance at atomic or molecular scale to reveal new properties.

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